Dental Retainer Brite 96 TABLETS ~ Best Price+Kills Germs ~ Lowest price

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16 Packets of 6 Tablets per packet


Retainer Brite® is essential for all users of removable dental appliances: 

  • Kills 99% of 7 Common Odor-Causing Bacteria*
  • Helps Remove Plaque & Tartar
  • Cleans & Brightens Removable Dental Appliances
  • Certified Kosher
  • 3-Month Supply Box; total 96 tablets

* Kills 99% of seven common odor-causing bacteria including: Staph aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. epidermidis and E. hirae.

Cleans and brightens removable dental appliances, INVISALIGN, mouth guards of all types, sport mouth protectors, retainers all with one Easy-To-Use Tablet.  Gets rid of the "Funky Smell" completely.

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Drop one tablet into enough warm water (not too hot) to cover appliance
  • Place appliance into bubbling blue solution
  • In 15-20 minutes when the blue clears just remove the appliance and rinse thoroughly
  • Appliance is clean and odor free!